Special Events

Check out our 2013 Annual Meeting Award Winner videos.

Lisbon Business Award                                       Benoit’s Bakery         

Turner Business Award                                      Ricker Hill Farms          

Poland Business Award                                      Jones Associates

Business Leadership Small                               Kurk Lalemand

                                                                                    Katahdin Furniture

Business Leadership Large                              Carbonite

Education Leadership Award                          Russ Barlow of Franklin/Merrill Hill Schools

Community Service Leadership                     Rita Dube

                                                                                    Tree Street Youth

Ken Additon Business Advocate                    Dick Roy

Cool Chamber                                                       Procter & Gamble

New Member of the Year Award                    Revelation Massage

President’s Award                                                Kevin Dean & Emil Clavet

                                                                                    The Vault

Ray Geiger                                                              Larry Raymond

YPLAA Awards                                                    Travis Dow
                                                                                   Wei-Li Chinese Restaurant