630 Hallowell Road, Durham, ME 04222

First settled about 1770 by Samuel Gerrish, the town was originally called Royalsborough but was renamed Durham upon its incorporation on February 17, 1789. Lumbering and agriculture were the earliest pursuits of the residents; its current rural character is the legacy of farming. Religiously diverse, Congregationalists, Methodists, and Friends congregations have enjoyed continuous existence since the town’s incorporation. Another church of interest is Shiloh Chapel, which began as a religious revival in 1894 and attracted converts from all over the world. Modern-day Durham is an attractive and growing community that is home to friendly people who work in surrounding communities. Durham still has several working farms. Noted for its natural beauty, Durham has two municipal parks open for picnicking, the River Park with nature trails and views of the Androscoggin River and Runaround Pond Park and Dam.

Square Miles 38
Population 3,900
Distance from Lewiston 9 Miles
Type of Government Town Mtg, Selectmen, Administrative Assist.
2015-16 Tax Rate $17.40
Utilities Private Wells/Septic
Electricity Central Maine Power
Price of Average Single-Family Home $200,000
Library None
Town Hall 207-353-2561 • F-207-353-5367
Administrative Assistant to Selectman Ruth Glaeser