Livermore Falls

2 Main Street, Livermore Falls, ME 04254 •

The setting off of East Livermore, now Livermore Falls, from the parent town of Livermore was made on account of the inconvenience of holding town meetings and doing town business across an unbridged river. The town meetings would be held in March on the west side of the Androscoggin River, and no one from the east could attend due to the swollen water and floating ice. When construction of the bridge was denied, the settlers succeeded in the division of the town into Livermore and Livermore Falls. East Livermore remained the town’s name until a petition was put forth to the Legislature to change the corporate name to Livermore Falls.

Square Miles 26
Population 3,255
Distance from Lewiston 30 Miles
Type of Government Town Manager/Selectmen
2015-16 Tax Rate $21.10
Utilities Public Sewer/Water
Electricity Central Maine Power
Price of Average Single-Family Home $80,000
Library 207-897-3631
Town Hall 207-897-3321 • F-207-897-9397
Town Manager Kristal Flagg