Your Chamber has an ambitious list of projects.  Our committees are very active and need interested members of The Chamber and communities if they are to accomplish their tasks.  Your involvement is encouraged and would be welcomed.  If you are open to being contacted about serving on a Chamber committee, simply fill in the section at the bottom of this form and return to The Chamber.  
BA –   Business Advocacy
Respond to governmental activity on the State and Local level.  Represent the business in the political decision making process by meeting with elected representatives, monitoring legislation or airing concerns from a business point of view.  Participate in drafting Chamber’s annual policy positions, “what we stand for.”   
MC -   Membership Development & Services
Taking part in expansion efforts through recruiting new members and discussing programs to meet the needs of Chamber members.
AC –  Ambassadors Committee
Follow up with new members, greet members at events and support the Membership Development Committee.  
IC  -    Regional Image Development Committee 
Support Community beautification, image building programs, special events and work on Chamber’s tourism initiatives. 
EC -    Education Committee 
Support Scholarship programs and other business/education initiatives.



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